When is a good time to send our corporate group or athletic team?

Anytime. At Get Burly we firmly believe that at any juncture in time there is always need for improvement and the development of leaders and self esteem throughout a group. 


Pre-Season or leading into pressure filled work scenarios:  This could be a weekend rereat months before or days before the start of your the upcoming season. We feel it is extremely important to know the coach’s or CEO’s philosophies, season or quarterly goals, and long-term goals for their program or company. We operate under the notion that the coach and or manager and the team function together and we feel that is never too early to open that line of communication. With regard to athletic teams we can also direct and create custom sport specific pre-season workout programs to ensure the team is conditioned physically as well as mentally. 


During Season or during a major corporate project: As coaches we understand how there never seems to be enough time in a season to work on all of the things we would like to do. We have found that what seems to be shorted the many athletic and corporate environments is the team bonding and development of  team chemistry. We want to urge you that this weekend will not be a “weekend off”. We are a fitness company that promotes being the best version of yourself through fitness. We will challenge them physically and safely. We will also as challenge them as a group mentally, and build their social skills as a unit. Essentially, we serve to create the appropriate environment for your team to learn, build, communicate, push each other, and emerge stronger than ever. 


Post Season or at the conclusion of a major corporate project: At Get Burly we understand as coaches and company leaders that a season might be over, but we advocate that debriefing a season is pivotal to the program’s future success. This a time where it’s both beneficial and integral to reflect on the successes, challenges, and hard work put into the season, and what better way to do that than working together as one unit ONE LAST TIME in order to move forward with best practices.


How do I know if this is a good fit for my program?

First and foremost, we at Get Burly make ourselves available to discuss your vision and your desires for your program. We custom-tailor our retreats with Coaches, Athletic Directors, CEO’s, and corporate management to ensure alignment of goals and the program’s vision. We want to make sure it’s the perfect fit for YOUR program, please do not hesitate to call and ask further questions.



This sounds awesome, where are the retreats?

We can bring the retreat to YOU! Yes that’s right ANYWHERE! We have organized single day workshops, overnight retreats, and weeklong events all over the country!



We are a Boston Based Company and three of our local offerings include the following:


Vermont “Spartan Experience” Leadership Academy and Team Building Expedition


Killington Mountain “Ski and Snowboard” Retreat


Maine “White Water Rafting” Leadership Academy and Team Building Expedition





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