Get Burly Kids Day

Grades 3-6 


One day 10am-3pm

This will be offered on other dates as well, the most current retreat will always be posted here!  They will always be 10am-3pm at Camp Denison (Georgetown, MA) Please message us with any questions!

Current retreat date:



board games, art & crafts, group games.   *will adjust accordingly to outside weather.  Please dress accordingly

Confidence Booster

Self-esteem exercises, how to handle a bully, how to report a bully, how to make new friends

Healthy Movement

Optional walking trails, kid's yoga, breathing exercises, calming nerves & eating healthy

Free Time

Everything is optional, all interests are welcomed.  This is a day of fresh air, personal growth & fun

Please pack a lunch, water bottle and any other items your child may need.  There is a full functioning kitchen.  

Please consider the weather on the date for the retreat as we may be outside some.  

General Itinerary 

• Arrive 10 am: roll call and attendance

- Check in and get situated in inside. 

• 10:15 am: introductions of staff and review of rules and expectations for the day including mutual respect, kindness, empathy, and positive encouragement. 

-Whip around where we get the temperature of the room and how everyone is feeling. Introductions of participants with a friendly name game and get to know you activity. Promoting mutual respect and positive peer interaction.

• 10:45 am Yoga Warm-Up and review of calming breathing techniques designed to help participants learn to control their breathing and create a sense of calm.

• 11:00 am snack break 

• 11:30 group activities and games designed to promote creativity, enhanced positive mindset, and cooperative initiative 

• 1:00 lunch break 

• 1:30 return inside:

Session Topic: What is bullying? How to handle bullies? The importance of positivity and mutual respect. 

• 2:00 Dynamic warm-up

• 2:15 cooperative games

• 3:00 Parent Pickup

We require a minimum of 15 participants in order to run each session.  If you have signed up/paid & we do not reach capacity, you will be fully refunded

Payment due at the time of registration

*Please message us to pay by Venmo, Facebook or drop of cash/check

$50.oo per child.  Paying by PayPal is $55.00 due to their processing fees not related to Get Burly LLC


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